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Prophet Passion Java &
Prophetess Lily Java

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Born and raised in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe, Prophet Passion Java discovered at an early age that he possessed a super natural gift; the ability to see and interact with Angels. After assuming this was normal, he soon realized that this gift was more than a gift; it had uprooted a deeper desire to do God’s work. Winning souls and leading people to Christ became his mission. As he attended grade school, he became a voice amongst his peers and his hometown prophesying and sharing the gospel. Many knew of the greater calling that God had on his life. In 2013, he heard the Lord instruct him to launch a television station in order to reach people worldwide. He named the station Kingdom TV. in which he eventually became the owner. Over the course of 8 years, KTV has stretched across the globe impacting millions; not by his knowledge of the process, but by his effortless hard-work, patience, obedience, and the grace and will of God.

In 2016 Prophet Passion married his beautiful wife, Prophetess Lily Java. They have 3 lovely children together. Prophetess Lily operates with a strong apostolic anointing to establish churches around the world. She ushers the sweet presence of God through her gift of worship and flows in the dimension of the Gifts of Healings. The Lord has used Prophetess Lily to be a generational curse breaker. She is known for exemplifying the love of God for the lost and broken. She has motivated and helped many individuals to understand their identity and calling in the Lord. She has been working alongside her husband to raise and equip a generation for Jesus Christ, and prepare the world for the second coming of the Lord. She is also the Founder of the Lily Java Foundation which supplies for the physical and spiritual needs of widows and orphans internationally.

For Prophet, music was a great and mighty influence in his life. It was a form of escapism from the hardships and trials that arose in Zimbabwe, but also a beautiful force that brought people together. It became the essence of who he was, which opened the door to him creating his own music. In 2014, God had made it possible for his music to influence a generation by providing him the opportunity to open his own record label called, “Passion Java Records”. 

As he continued to produce and sign artists of true value, it was only a matter of time before his record label rose from Zimbabwe to an international level. He didn’t stop there. He began to leverage his influence and shape the lives of the youth by providing education, establishing careers, building shelters, and much more, such as physical, medical, spiritual, and/or material means.

An accomplished author, Passion Java has over 100 books including manual materials that are in his prophetic school. He has been nicknamed Chariot Rider, Gaffa and FBI Prophet because of the way he prophesies. Including the prophecy of the death of Nelson Mandela in which he stated 6 months before it happened. He prophesied the year, month, date, minute, second and the place he was going to die. He also stated what President Obama will state at the funeral and it all took place as he prophesied. Prophet’s journey had only begun at this point. God had continued to stretch his gift by sending him to over 80 countries to prophesy and preach at some of the largest congregations and gatherings in the world. He has consulted and advised CEO’s and public figures nationwide including both the president of Zimbabwe and Jamaica. Coming from a genealogy of God’s entrusted speakers, Prophet’s spiritual father, Bishop Noel Jones, known as The Prince of Preachers in America, has been a part of Prophet’s journey as they have both traveled globally to do God’s work.

Prophet Passion Java continues to leave a legacy as a world renowned spiritual father and forensic prophet. With God’s calling on his life to bring forth sons and daughters prophetically, he has raised over 10,000. With him and his wife establishing over 33 churches around the world known as Kingdom Embassy, he continues to raise more sons and daughters. God has currently planted him in Beltsville, Maryland where he ministers at his church weekly.


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Apostle Innocent Java

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Apostle Innocent and Ruth Java are an extraordinary power couple who are ministers of the gospel of Christ Jesus. Born and raised in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe Apostle was raised in the Lord by His spiritual parents  Prophet passion and Prophetess Lily Java. He now operates in the Apostolic office.He was ordained and commissioned to launch the first branches of Kingdom Embassy worldwide which currently has numerous branches around the world. He has ministered in about 15 countries, 25 cities.

Apostle and  Ruth Java are anointed and multitalented in music ministry.His wife and he are passionate and anointed, artists, songwriters, vocalists, and musician . She has ministered in 10 countries and 24 cities and states. Born in Ethiopia but raised and in the United States of America from the age of 5 Apostle Ruth Currently resides in Maryland, USA with her Husband continuing the Work of the Lord! They are the Gaffas a force to reckon with. Legendary.

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Assistant Pastor Wallace Java

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Pastor Wallace Java was born and raised in a small community in Jamaica commonly known as Bernard Lodge. 
Years passed and the family left that community to find residence in another community commonly known as Dunbeholden District. 

Being the second of six children he was always a role model to his siblings who would look to him for guidance. He gave his life to the Lord Jesus at the age of twenty (20) at the local church in his community. He was quickly recognized for his ability to interact with people on all levels and was assigned the position of Youth President for the Young People's Endeavor department (Y.P.E.). 

At the age of twenty-five the Spirit of the Lord led him and his wife to another church where they began to grow more spiritually. Pastor Wallace was selected by the leaders of the church organization to become a part of their prayer team. 

Pastor Wallace also has a military background and used to work on a Naval base. He moved his whole family to Maryland by faith, being obedient to a prophetic word that was released in his life. He started off in the office answering calls and emails and serving in the church wherever he was needed by filling positions great or small. 

Overtime he became one of the most trusted persons in Kingdom Embassy.  

Pastor Wallace has a heart for the people and has been known to be a counselor and friend to many. He has a great love for God and knows how to get people motivated!

In 2002 he married his beautiful wife, Prophetess Lisa Wallace. They have 4 lovely children together. Prophetess Lisa plays an integral part in the ministry. She is currently serving on the worship team and women's ministry.

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